DVI vs VGA | Difference between DVI and VGA

• This page compares DVI vs VGA and mentions difference between DVI and VGA.
• Both DVI and VGA are methods used to connect monitor with computer.
• They support different cable lengths.
• They are used to transport video between PC and monitor/TV/Projector.
• They do not support audio. Hence separate audio cable is needed.

Specifications DVI VGA
Full Form Digital Video Interface or Digital Visual Interface Video Graphics Array
Standard Support both analog and digital signals Support analog signal
Application of use It is ideal for LCD monitor. It is ideal for CRT monitor.
Technology It is newest technology. It is old technology.
Immunity against signal distortion DVI technology is less prone to signal distortion. VGA technology is more prone to signal distortion.
Outline View with pins DVI connector view
Three types viz. DVI-A (supports analog only) , DVI-D (supports digital only) and DVI-I (supports analog and digital both)
VGA connector view
Supports analog interface only
Outer Color of connectors/ports white Blue
Pin details 29 pins 15 pins
Hot Pluggable feature Supported Not Supported
Display It supports better picture quality. The picture quality is poorer than DVI due to A(analog) to D(digital) and D to A conversion.

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