DLP vs LCD | Difference between DLP and LCD projector

This page compares DLP vs LCD and mentions difference between DLP and LCD. The comparison between DLP projector and LCD projector is described to differentiate these two technologies.

Both are used as major display technologies across the globe. Both DLP and LCD technologies are used extensively in manufacturing of TVs, monitors and projectors.

Specifications DLP projector LCD projector
Full Form Digital Light Processing Liquid Crystal Display
Construction DLP uses a chip consisting of mirrors. LCD uses glass panels.
Displayed image quality DLP generates softer edge definition. LCD is sharper but it may cause screen door effect in the displayed image.
Contrast DLP provides better contrast compare to LCD. LCD does not provide better contrast compare to DLP.
Application of use DLP projector is ideal for home theater. LCD projector is used as display set-ups at various occasions.
Health related DLP leads to severe headaches as well as eyestrains compare to LCD. LCD is healthier compare to DLP.

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