CENELEC Frequency Bands-Band A,Band B,Band C,Band D

This page CENELEC frequency bands covers Band A,Band B,Band C and CENELEC frequency Band D.

For Western Europe the regulations concerning residential powerline circuit(RPC) are described in CENELEC standard EN 50065. This standard mentions signalling on low voltage electrical installations in the frequency band from 3 KHz to 148.5KHz.

CENELEC Frequency Band UL Frequency Range(MHz) Description
3 KHz to 9 KHz This frequency band is limited to energy providers; with their approval other parties in the consumer premises can also use the same.
Band A 9 KHz to 95 KHz This band is limited to energy providers and their concession holders.
Band B 95 KHz to 125 KHz Limited to customers of energy providers. There is no access protocol defined for the band.
Band C 125 KHz to 140 KHz Limited to customers of energy providers. To facilitate simultaneous operation of several systems with CSMA protocol using 132.5KHz frequency is defined.
Band D 140 KHz to 148.5 KHz Limited to customers of energy providers, no access protocol is defined for this band.


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