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Body Temperature sensor basics | Digital Temperature sensor manufacturers

This page describes Body Temperature sensor basics, features and specifications. IC based digital Body Temperature sensor manufacturers include MAXIM, TE, Analog Devices, STMicroelectronics, TI etc.

Introduction: Human body temperature depends upon location of the body where measurement is made. It varies with time of the day and level of hobby of the person. Normally average body temperature is usually in the range from 97.7 to 99.5 oF and it fluctuates about 0.9 oF during the day.

It is very useful to measure body temperature as certain sicknesses are observed by means of body temperature. It is used to evaluate remedy initiated by the physician. Following table mentions different body temperature range with its circumstances.

Condition Temperature range
Hypothermia <35 oC (95 oF)
Normal 36.5 to 37.5 oC (97.7 to 99.5 oF)
Fever or Hyperthermia >37.5 to 38.3 oC (99.5 to 100.9 oF)
Hyperpyrexia >40 to 41.5 oC (104 to 106.7 oF)

What is Body Temperature sensor ?

Definition: The sensor which measures body temperature is known as body temperature sensor. It is used for wearable fitness and medical thermometer applications.

Technical specifications of Body Temperature sensor part number MAX30205 manufactured by Maxim Integrated are as follows.
• It offers high accuracy.
• It provides overtemperature alarm interrupt and shutdown output.
• It houses I2C compatible 2 wire interface.
• It converts temperature to digital format using sigma delta ADC.
• It provides three address select lines with 32 addresses.
• It provides 16 bit temperature resolution.
• It uses operating voltage of 2.7V to 3.3V and about 600 µA supply current.

IC based Digital Temperature sensor Manufacturers

Following are the companies which manufacture digital temperature sensors.
• Analog Devices, Inc.
• Texas Instruments Incorporated
• STMicroelectronics
• Maxim Integrated
• TE connectivity

Body Temperature Sensor Interfacing
Image Courtesy : Maxim Integrated

➨The diagram depicts Body Temperature sensor interfacing with STM32 microcontroller. As shown I2C interface provided on MAXIM IC is used to interface with microcontroller or arduino Uno board. The MAX30205 can easily be incorporated in the design of smart health band or used in medical devices.

➨The model number TSYS01-1 is a digital IC temperature sensor manufactured by TE Connectivity.
Following are the features of specifications of digital temperature sensor.
• It offers high accuracy about +/-0.1 oC.
• It houses I2C and SPI interfaces for connectivity.
• It converts temperature into digital 16/24 bit ADC value.

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