Difference between bluetooth 5 and bluetooth 5.1 | New features of bluetooth 5.1

This page compares bluetooth 5 vs bluetooth 5.1 and mentions difference between bluetooth 5 and bluetooth 5.1 versions. It mentions new features of Bluetooth 5.1 and mentions difference between bluetooth 5 and bluetooth 4.2 versions.

• The Bluetooth 5.1 has been recently published by Bluetooth SIG on 21st Jan. 2019.
• It is backward compatible with previous bluetooth versions such as v5.0 and v4.2.
• Bluetooth 5.1 introduces direction finding which helps in locating your keys having bluetooth tracker on them. It offers "centimetre level accuracy" in location finding.
• Advertising mode has been improved in bluetooth v5.1 which helps smart devices such as thermometer to broadcast its measurements to other bluetooth devices without connecting them.
• This bluetooth v5.1 offers reliability and scalability.
• It allows devices with limited batteries (e.g. smartwatch) to piggyback other powerful devices such as mobile phones.
• Bluetooth 5.1 version speeds up handshake process with devices already paired previously.
• Catching feature was introduced in previous bluetooth versions, but v5.1 makes it more smarter.

New Features of Bluetooth 5.1

Following are the new features introduced in bluetooth 5.1 version. This differentiates it with respect to bluetooth 5.1 and 4.2 versions. These are the major areas of improvement compare to previous bluetooth versions.
➤Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD)
➤Advertising Channel Index
➤GATT Caching
➤Minor Enhancements batch 1
• HCI support for debug keys in LE Secure Connections
• Sleep clock accuracy update mechanism
• ADI field in scan response data
• Interaction between QoS and Flow Specification
• Host channel classification for secondary advertising
• Allow the SID to appear in scan response reports
• Specify the behavior when rules are violated
➤Periodic Advertising Sync Transfer

➤Features added in CSA6 which are integrated in bluetooth v5.1
• Models
• Mesh-based model hierarchy

The following features were removed in this version of the specification:
• Unit keys

Difference between bluetooth 5 and bluetooth 4.2

Following table mentions difference between bluetooth 5 and bluetooth 4.2 versions with respect to various features/specifications.

difference between bluetooth 5 and bluetooth 4.2



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