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Bias Tee vs DC Block-Difference between Bias Tee and DC Block

This page compares Bias Tee vs DC Block and mentions basic difference between Bias Tee and DC Block. It helps in selection between Bias tee and DC block as per their functions and features.

What is Bias Tee?

Bias Tee

• As shown in the figure-1, it is used to pass RF (radio frequency) at one port and DC frequency at the other port.
• It helps in passing DC voltage/current to RF devices such as amplifiers or switches while blocking RF/Microwave signals on the same path or line.
• It is used in test and measurement equipments as well as power amplifiers as biasing tool.

Example: ZFBT-6G+ is Bias Tee from Mini-Circuits.

What is DC Block?

DC Block Coaxial Connector

• It functions as high pass filters and blocks DC frequencies or audio frequencies.
• It is used to enhance SNR and dynamic range.

Example: BLK-6+ is DC Block from Mini-Circuits of N-type coaxial connector. It operates from 10 MHz to 6 GHz. Other types of DC blocks with SMA and BNC connectors are also available.

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