BLE Advertising channels | BLE Data channels list

This page mentions List of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) channels. It covers BLE Advertising channels and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Data channels.

• BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is the latest in the series of bluetooth standards published by Bluetooth SIG. The latest bluetooth version is 5.1 released after v4.2 and v5.0.
• The devices (Initiator i.e. master and Advertiser i.e. slave) communicates in point-to-point and broadcasts modes. using advertising channels and data channels.

Bluetooth Smart or BLE frequency channels

The figure-1 depicts list of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) channels. Bluetooth operates in 2.4 GHz ISM Band. It spans from 2400 to 2483.5 MHz. BLE channels are spaced 1 MHz. Let us understand use or function of these BLE channels and their frequency values.

BLE Advertising channels

• It carry broadcast data for applications.
• It helps to discover slaves in order to connect with them.
• BLE devices use any of the following BLE advertising channels for transmission/reception of advertising packets of various types. These channels carry advertising channel PDUs.

BLE Channel Number Frequency Value
37 2402 MHz
38 2426 MHz
39 2480 MHz

BLE Data channels

• Once connection is established between master and slave, devices can send data to one another. This is achieved by exchanging data channel PDUs during scheduled connection events.
• Master and slave BLE devices use any of the following BLE data channels for the transmission/reception.

BLE Channel Number Frequency Value
0 2404 MHz
1 2406 MHz
2 2408 MHz
3 2410 MHz
4 2412 MHz
5 2414 MHz
6 2416 MHz
7 2418 MHz
8 2420 MHz
9 2422 MHz
10 2424 MHz
11 2428 MHz
12 2430 MHz
13 2432 MHz
14 2434 MHz
15 2436 MHz
16 2438 MHz
17 2440 MHz
18 2442 MHz
19 2444 MHz
20 2446 MHz
21 2448 MHz
22 2450 MHz
23 2452 MHz
24 2454 MHz
25 2456 MHz
26 2458 MHz
27 2460 MHz
28 2462 MHz
29 2464 MHz
30 2466 MHz
31 2468 MHz
32 2470 MHz
33 2472 MHz
34 2474 MHz
35 2476 MHz
36 2478 MHz



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