Machine Learning Use cases | Applications of Machine Learning

This page covers applications of machine learning. It mentions use cases of machine learning or its applications of use.

Machine Learning uses advanced models (such as predictive and neural network etc.) based algorithms to take decisions based on learning. Refer What is Machine Learning>>.

Machine Learning

Following are the applications of Machine Learning:
➨Google and facebook uses machine learning algorithms to determine behaviour of online users. This helps them push or serve right kind of advertisements to different users based on their respective behaviour. This helps them increase in business through relevant clicks of the advertisements.
➨It is used in banking and financial sectors e.g. to provide credit cards or debit cards to honest customers, to identify which customers are cheating or can cheat in the future etc.
➨It is used in healthcare industry for diagnose and treatment of deadly diseases.
➨It is used in retail industry for various reasons e.g. to identify which products are selling fast, which products are selling slower, helps in stock management, which products can be sold together, helps retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Big Bazaar to retain loyal customers etc.

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