Angle Tracking Radar vs Monopulse Tracking Radar | Difference between Angle Tracking Radar and Monopulse Tracking Radar

This page compares Angle Tracking Radar vs Monopulse Tracking Radar and mentions difference between Angle Tracking Radar and Monopulse Tracking Radar.

The radar which detects a target, determines its location and trajectory in future is known as tracking radar.

Angle Tracking Radar

Tracking Radar

The figure-1 depicts typical tracking radar block diagram. The tracking operation usually depends on angular information. The antenna beam is narrow and it tracks one target at a time. This is achieved with the help of range gating and doppler filtering. The angle error signal is fed to servo control system. The servo system steers antenna to track the target.

Angle tracking is done using pencil beams from the radar. The two squinted beams with squint angle of +/- θs from boresight direction are used for simultaneous scans in different angles or one beam is quickly scanned between two angular positions.

The crossover of two beams give boresight direction. In the angle tracking radar, boresight is maintained in the direction of target.

Monopulse Tracking Radar

Monopulse Tracking Radar

The figure-2 depicts block diagram of monopulse tracking radar. It is a radar in which information about angle error is obtained on single pulse. This is referred as simultaneous lobing.

In this radar, angular position of target is obtained by comparing received signals in two or more simultaneous lobes.

It is used for angle measurement with high precision. It is used in tracking radar to obtain angle error signal. It is achieved in two orthogonal co-ordinates. The tracking antenna keeps its boresight position in the direction of moving target.

Monopulse angle measurement is done by following methods.
• Amplitude comparison monopulse method
• Phase comparison monopulse method


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