Ammeter vs Voltmeter vs multimeter-difference between Ammeter,Voltmeter and Multimeter

This page on Ammeter vs Voltmeter vs multimeter describes difference between Ammeter, Voltmeter and multimeter. It provides link to difference between analog multimeter and digital multimeter.



To use an Ammeter, circuit must be broken at some point and Ammeter is connected in series so the current to be measured will flow through the Ammeter. The figure-1 depicts Ammeter used to measure current flowing in a circuit.

In DC circuit, positive(+) terminal of the Ammeter should be connected with + terminal of the battery. If this is not taken care, pointer of the Ammeter gets deflected in other direction and it may damage the Ammeter. Due to this, conventional current enters + terminal of Ammeter and leaves from - terminal.

Ammeter should have very small resistance in comparison to resistance of the rest of the circuit. This will ensure that Ammeter does not reduce the current to be measured while connected in the circuit.



A Voltmeter need to be connected in parallel i.e. side by side of the component across which voltage is to be measured. Like Ammeter, terminal marked with + of voltmeter should be connected with + terminal of the battery. This will ensure that current deflects the pointer in the right direction. The figure-2 depicts Voltmeter used to measure voltage across a component in a circuit.

A voltmeter should have very large resistance in comparison with resistance of the component across which it is connected. If this is not taken care then, current drawn from main circuit by Voltmeter becomes appreciable amount of the main current and as a result voltage across the component changes. This will result into wrong measurement of voltage.


Now-a-days instrument known as multimeter exists. The multimeter measures wide range of currents and voltages for both direct current and alternating current. It also measures resistance. It combines functionalities of Ammeter, Voltmeter and Ohmmeter in one device. It is very essential tool for test and measurement. It also has feature to check the continuity in the circuit.
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