Kappa 438 vs FR4-Advantages of Kappa 438 laminate over FR4

This page compares Kappa 438 vs FR4 and mentions advantages of Kappa 438 laminate over FR4 substrate. Rogers Corporation has developed Kappa 438 laminate.

It has been developed as alternative to existing FR4 substrate. These laminates can be designed using glass re-inforced hydrocarbon ceramic system. It can be fabricated using standard epoxy or glass processes.

Kappa 438 laminate Advantages

Following are the Kappa 438 laminate advantages over FR4 substrate.

➨It offers better performance compare to FR4.

➨It is flame retardant dielectric laminate with UL 94 V-0 rating.

➨It makes PCB manufacturing and assembly line easier.

➨It is compliant to lead free solder processes.

➨It makes design flexible and PTH more reliable.

➨It is compliant for automated assembly line.

➨It offers very low loss.

➨It offers excellent Dk tolerance. Dk stands for dielectric constant.

➨It offers low z-axis CTE as well as higher Tg

Due to above mentioned benefits, Kappa 438 laminates are used in various applications which include WiFi, LAA (Licensed Assisted Access), V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle), V2X (Vehicle to Infrastructure), IoT (Internet of Things), Small cell, DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) etc.

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