Advantages of internet radio | Disadvantages of internet radio

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of internet radio. It mentions benefits or advantages of internet radio and drawbacks or disadvantages of internet radio.

Introduction: Internet radios are available from various manufacturers as standalone radio units. The popular brands include Ocean Digital, Revo, Majority etc. Moreover users can use their laptop or smartphone to listen to internet radio channels. Users can add any good wireless speaker to avail more features similar to standalone radio units. Internet radio units can be connected to internet using WiFi or ethernet port.

Following are the common features of internet radio.
• AUX IN, Line out and headphone jacks
• Support for Bluetooth technology
• Ethernet port
• USB port to play music from external device
• Adjustable EQ (Equalisation)
• Powered using multiple AA battery cells (4 Nos. or 6 Nos.) to make it portable
• Other features : Sleep timer, alarms, remote control app, spotify connect, OLED display etc.

Benefits or advantages of internet radio

It offers many more features compare to AM/FM/DAB radios. Following are the benefits or advantages of internet radio:
➨It supports many more stations compare to FM/DAB.
➨It is very useful in the areas where FM/DAB signal reception is poor.
➨It offers potentially better sound quality with less interference.
➨Internet radios can be turned ON using just button or knob. It does not require to wait for laptop to be turned ON.
➨It is very easy to use and listen your choice of stations from any country or region.
➨Standalone internet radio units help in extending battery power of your laptop and mobile phone.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of internet radio

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of internet radio:
➨To get good quality of audio using internet radio, internet connection should be very stable.
➨It is more expensive compare to FM/DAB radio units.
➨It consumes bandwidth from your internet connection and slows down other work activities depending on internet bandwidth.

➨Also refer advantages and disadvantages of DAB >> for more information.

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