Advantages of Hubs | disadvantages of Hubs

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Hubs. It mentions Hubs advantages or benefits and Hubs disadvantages or drawbacks. It also describes Hubs basics.

What is Hub?

It is a networking device used to connect multiple ethernet devices (i.e. hosts) using twisted pair or fiber optic cable. It operates at physical layer i.e. layer-1 of OSI stack.

It functions as multiport repeater which broadcasts data to all the ports where devices are connected.

Following are features of the network hub device.
• Operates in half duplex mode
• Available in 4 to 24 port sizes
• Hosts are responsible for collision detection and retransmission of packets.
• There are three types viz. active hub, passive hub and intelligent hub.

Network Hubs

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Benefits or advantages of Hubs

Following are the benefits or advantages of Hubs:
➨It can extend total distance of the network.
➨It does not affect performance of the network seriously.
➨It is cheaper.
➨It can connect different media types.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Hubs

Following are the disadvantages of Hubs:
➨It does not have mechanisms such as collision detection and retransmission of packets.
➨It does not operate in full duplex mode.
➨It can not connect different network architectures such as token ring and ethernet etc.
➨It can not filter information i.e. it passes packets to all the connected segments.
➨It does not have mechanism to reduce the network traffic.

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