Advantages of Network Bridges | disadvantages of Bridges

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Network Bridges. It mentions Bridges advantages or benefits and Bridges disadvantages or drawbacks. It also describes Bridges basics.

What is Network Bridge?

This networking device uses bridge table or forwarding database to transmit frames across various network segments. It broadcasts traffic from one network segment to the other as well as manages them unlike hub which simply broadcasts.

It operates at layer-2 i.e. data link layer of OSI stack.


The figure-1 depicts network bridge connecting two different LAN segments. Refer Network Bridges >> which describe procedure followed by network bridge to transport data between segments.

Benefits or advantages of Bridges | advantages of Network Bridges

Following are the benefits or advantages of Network Bridges:
➨It helps in extension of physical network.
➨It reduces network traffic with minor segmentation.
➨It creates separate collision domains. Hence it increases available bandwidth to individual nodes as fewer nodes share a collision domain.
➨It reduces collisions.
➨Some bridges connect networks having different architectures and media types.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Bridges | disadvantages of Network Bridges

Following are the disadvantages of Bridges:
➨It is slower compare to repeaters due to filtering.
➨It does not filter broadcasts.
➨It is more expensive compare to repeaters.

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