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Advantages of Agricultural Robots | disadvantages of Agricultural Robots

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Agricultural Robots and its types. It mentions benefits or advantages of Agricultural Robots and drawbacks or disadvantages of Agricultural Robots.

What is Agricultural robot?

Agricultural industry is ever growing due to continuous increase in world population. Latest technologies are being developed in order to increase crop production with minimum efforts and money. One among these latest agricultural equipments is agricultural robots. The agricultural robots are also called as "Agribots". These robots are semi autonomous machines which carry out tasks such as soil preparation, seeding, weeding & pest control etc.

The robots used for agricultural applications are known as agricultural robots. There are different types of agricultural robots based on their applications and constructions. They are categorized into weed and pest control robots, crop harvesting robots, fully autonomous robots, seeding robots, fruit and vegetable harvesting robots, agricultural drones etc. In order to increase productvity and to cover wide area of the farming lands multiple robots are deployed to perform the same tasks which is known as "swarm of robots".

Agricultural Robot Types

Agricultural robot consists of following components viz. power circuit, sensors, physical parts, communication mechanism and so on. The typical sensors include camera, radar, LiDAR, ultrasonic sensor, GPS sensor etc. The power circuit part consists of power electronics and control system, motors, Li-ion battery for energy storage, Solar panel for energy harvesting etc. Based on tasks to be performed physical parts of agribot can be spray nozzles, grippers, force torque sensors, arms etc. The agricultural robots can be communicated with the help of various communication technologies such as wifi, bluetooth, cellular (2G/3G/4G/5G) etc.

Benefits or advantages of Agricultural Robots

Following are the benefits or advantages of Agricultural Robots:
➨It automates most of the farming activities and saves money for the farmers by reducing or eliminating manual labour.
➨It requires lower operational costs and increases productivity.
➨It makes efficient use of essential resources such as water, chemicals, fertilizers etc.
➨It makes use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and modern technologies. This attracts young engineers and young farmers towards agricultural business.
➨It saves time and energy of the farmers in all the farming activities.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Agricultural Robots

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Agricultural Robots:
➨It requires one time higher investment.
➨Agricultural robots and other equipments are complex and requires training to be provided to farmers before use.
➨Agricultural robots require electricity. In rural areas, frequent power cuts hamper their popularity and usage.
➨Agricultural robots require complex algorithms to make it work for any task.
➨Agricultural robots require rigorous testing before they are installed at the site for any job.

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