10 advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Phone

A mobile phone, commonly referred to as a cellphone is a portable electronic device that allows for wireless communication over cellular networks. It has become an integral part of modern life. It can be used to make voice calls, send text messages, browse internet and access various digital services while on the move. Let us understand mobile phone basics and later on examine benefits or advantages of Mobile Phone and drawbacks or disadvantages of Mobile Phone in points.

Unlike fixed telephone, mobile phone can be moved from one location to the other without affecting the subscribed telecom services. The mobile phones are available which support various wireless networks such as 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, 4G (i.e. LTE), 5G and so on. In order to use mobile phone, SIM has to be purchased from telecom service provider such as Verizon, Reliance, Airtel, Vodafone and so on. Once SIM has been inserted in mobile phone, telecom services registered as per plan will be active after sometime for the user. The common services available include voice, data (i.e. internet), SMS, MMS etc.

Mobile phones communicate via cellular network with the help of licensed frequency spectrum. Mobile phones can also be connected with WiFi AP or router to use data services using internet service provider (ISP). Frequency spectrum refers to set of Electromagnetic channel frequencies allocated by the telecom service provider.

gsm mobile phone block diagram

The figure-1 depicts gsm compliant mobile phone block diagram. Mobile phone is composed of hardware and software. It consists of screen, keypad, RF chip, antenna, speaker, mic etc. It connects with cellular network to obtain various kinds of services as per user's subscription. It can also be connected with other mobile phones using bluetooth for file transfer between the two. Using this bluetooth connectivity, one can easily transfer music, video and other types of files between mobile phones.

Benefits or advantages of Mobile Phone

Following are the 10 benefits or advantages of Mobile Phone:
1. Convenience : Mobile phone can be used from anywhere provided cellular network is available in the region to obtain voice and data services. It provides great ease and comfort for users compared to fixed landline services available in old days.
2. Services : It can be used for voice, data, sms/mms using various circuit switched, packet switched and message switched networks respectively. People can check emails, book tickets, access banking accounts, chat with friends, browse various websites using internet facility.
3. Entertainment : Now-a-days smartphones are available which helps in watching movie online, playing online games, listening music etc.
4. Information access : Mobile phones grant access to vast amount of information from news websites and other education resources.
5. Emergency connectivity : One can call someone using mobile phone during emergency situations such as accidents, from faulty elevator(i.e. lift) or from under wreckage etc.
6. Communication : Mobile phones enable instant and convenient communication with friends, family and colleagues regardless of location.
7. Photography and video calls : Mobile phones come with built-in camera and hence it is very easy to capture images and videos while on travel. There are applications such as skype which helps in video calling where in both audio and video can be available online during call for caller and called parties. Users are staying connected with friends and participate in social media platforms.
8. Productivity : Mobile phones support productivity through apps and tools for tasks like document editing, email and task management.
9. Navigation : GPS capabilities help users to find locations, get directions and explore new places using "google maps".
10. Health and Fitness : There are numerous mobile apps in google play store which can help users track their health and fitness, including steps taken, calories burned and sleep patterns.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Mobile Phone

Following are the 10 drawbacks or disadvantages of Mobile Phone:
1. Addiction : Childrens play games for more time. This will hamper their studies. some people have become addicted to use social network sites/apps such as facebook, twitter and whatsapp for longer duration. Because of this they do not have time to spend with their families.
2. Health concerns : Some studies suggest potential health risks associated with prolonged mobile phone use, including radiation exposure, headache, eye strain etc. In order to avoid this, the radiation limit of mobile phone radiation should be kept as per limit specified by FCC. Some studies suggest adverse effects of mobile phone radiation to pre-adolescent children and pregnant women.
3. Distraction : Mobile phones can be distracting which leads to accidents during driving. Hence mobile phones should not be used while driving. If it is very much essential to take calls while driving, then it is advisable to use wireless headphones having bluetooth connectivity.
4. Privacy concerns : Mobile phones can pose privacy risks, with the potential for data breaches, location tracking and unauthorized access to personal information. It is advisable not to store any critical data on the mobile phone such as credit/debit card passwords, banking passwords etc. Also prefer not be click on the options such as "save the data for future transactions" etc. Avoid using unsecured websites which can be checked very easily. Secured websites use "https:" at the beginning of web page URL.
5. Social isolation : Excessive use of mobile phones may contribute to social isolation and reduced face to face interactions physically.
6. Cost : Owning and maintaining mobile phone or smartphone with data plans can be expensive.
7. Security threats : Mobile phones are vulnerable to malware, phishing attacks, hacking attempts which potentially compromising personal data.
8. Battery life : Many smartphones have limited battery life, requiring frequent recharging.
9. Environmental impact : The production and disposal of mobile phones can have environmental consequences due to resource extraction and electronic waste.
10. Inequality : Not everyone has access to mobile phones or the internet due to charges, leading to digital divide in access to information and services.

Conclusion: To maximize the benefits of mobile phones and mitigate their drawbacks, it's essential for users to use them responsibly and consider their individual needs and priorities.


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