Advantages of XaaS | Disadvantages of XaaS, Anything as a Service

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of XaaS i.e. Anything as a Service. It mentions benefits or advantages of XaaS and drawbacks or disadvantages of XaaS.

What is XaaS ?

The term XaaS is short form of "Anything as a Service" or "Everything as a Service". It is widely used in cloud computing industry to provide services to the users by vendors. Users can leverage benefits of vast number of software tools, hardware resources, products and technologies at affordable costs without buying them and using them locally. These hardware and software resources can be accessed over network using internet.

XaaS-Anything as a Service

XaaS offers all of the following as a service for various applications as mentioned.
IaaS : Infrastructure as a Service : Examples are AWS, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, Rackspace, Cisco Metapod, Linode, GCE(Google Compute Engine) etc.
SaaS : Software as a Service : Dropbox, GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx, Google Workspace, Concur, Salesforce etc.
PaaS : Platform as a Service : Google App engine, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Heroku, Windows Azure,, OpenShift, Apache Stratos etc.
HaaS : Hardware as a Service : Example devices : Servers, Body worn cameras, In-car video laptops etc. , Device management : Firmware updates, Commissioning Software Updates etc.
CaaS : Communication as a Service : Examples are VoIP or internet telephony , IM (Instant Messaging) etc.
DaaS : Desktop as a Service : PC with computing capabilities like servers along with required apps. DaaS provider takes care of storage and backup of user data as well as offering security.
DbaaS : Database as a Service : Various cloud computing platforms offer DbaaS. Example, Rackspace offers MYSQL and MongoDB etc. Users can host databases on GCP (Google CLoud Platform), Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.
SECaaS : Security as a Service : Examples : Anti-virus software, Intrusion detection solutions, authentication, encryption etc.
HaaS : Healthcare as a Service : Telemedicine, Telehealth, Remote patient monitoring etc.
TaaS : Transportation as a Service : Buying and financing of vehicles, insurance, traffic etc.
MaaS : Monitoring as a Service : All the infrastructure assets such as servers, OSs (Operating Systems), Databases, networking devices, storage devices and applications can be monitored as a service.
NaaS : Network as a Service : Businesses can utilize network infrastructure as per their requirements on demand basis.
STaaS : Storage as a Service : Examples include Google cloud, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, Oracle cloud, Arcserve etc.
DRaaS : Disaster recovery as a service : Takes care of data protection and storage etc. Providers of DRaaS are Acronis, AWS, VMware, Microsoft, IBM etc.

XaaS is also known by its full form as "Everything as a Service". This is due to the fact that it is not confined to only digital products but used in medical consultations, food delivery and so on. The XaaS service model is used by cloud companies such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon etc.

Benefits or advantages of XaaS

Following are the benefits or advantages of XaaS:
➨It offers cost savings to greater extent for smaller companies or startups. The companies need not have to buy physical resources and office space to keep them. They can save on rent or leasing charges. Moreover they do not require keeping staff to maintain the resources.
➨It increases productivity.
➨Smaller companies get stronger security due to which they can survive higher level of hacking.
➨XaaS offers greater agility for the companies to adopt new solutions and products faster and easier.
➨It helps smaller businesses to grow faster as they can acquire efficient tools, latest technologies and skilled resources as they need as per orders. Companies need not have to hire and keep the staffs without any project orders which lowers capex and overheads.
➨XaaS offers access to big data at affordable costs for smaller companies which help them understand customer behavior and their intended requirements.
➨XaaS helps in regular and better backups of their systems which helps them in the event of disaster recovery.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of XaaS

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of XaaS:
➨XaaS users will face problems when internet is down or running at slower speed. Customers will not get reliable service when XaaS servers are down as all the hardware and software resources lies at the premises of XaaS providers.
➨XaaS users will face performance issues when more customers access the same resources simultaneously. In such situations, they will face bandwidth and latency issues.
➨Companies which rely on staff from XaaS providers will face serious problems when something goes wrong and requires troubleshooting.

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