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Advantages of Written Communication | Disadvantages of Written Communication

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Written Communication. It mentions Written Communication advantages and Written Communication disadvantages.

Introduction: Following are the types of communication used by people.
• Written communication - formal, informal
• Verbal communication - formal, informal
• Non verbal communication
• Paralingual communication: It is the tone and pitch of your voice when you are talking to people.

• Formal written communication examples include Complex problems, project charter, project plan, blueprints, legal documents etc.
• Informal written communication examples include Memos, sticky notes, e-mail etc.

Advantages of Written Communication

Following are the advantages of Written Communication:
➨This form of communication provides written records and evidence of dispatch and receipt.
➨This communication type is capable of relaying complex ideas.
➨It provides analysis evaluation and summary report.
➨It helps in distributing information to people located in different parts of the world.
➨It helps in confirmation, interpretation and clarification of oral communication type.

Disadvantages of Written Communication

Following are the disadvantages of Written Communication:
➨It takes time to produce and can be expensive.
➨As it is more formal and distant; this cause problems in interpretation.
➨This communication method does not provide instant feedback and will take time to respond.
➨Once it is dispatched or out of the hands of the sende, it is difficult to modify.
➨It does not allow immediate exchange of opinion , views or attributes.

Conclusion: In order to understand advantages of written Communication and disadvantages of written Communication one has to understand written communication basics and also verbal communication >>.

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