Advantages of Written Communication | Disadvantages of Written Communication

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Written Communication and its types. It mentions Written Communication advantages and Written Communication disadvantages.

Introduction: There are several types of communication mechanisms available for human beings to communicate and exchange information. The most common ones include verbal communication, written communication, nonverbal communication, visual communication, electronic communication, interpersonal communication, visual signaling, mass communication, symbolic communication and paralinguistic communication.

What is Written Communication?

The communication method in which exchange of ideas, information or messages are communicated through written words. It involves various formats such as letters, memos, articles, reports, emails, blogs and more. Figure depicts various forms of written communications viz. using pen or pencil and paper, using keyboard on laptop or desktop computer and using soft keypad on mobile phone. All these forms involve written words.

Written communication

Written communication are of two types viz. formal and informal.
• Formal written communication examples include business reports, official letters, legal documents, academic papers etc.
• Informal written communication examples include Memos, sticky notes, Emails to friends, personal blog posts, text messages to family etc.

Advantages of Written Communication

Following are the advantages of Written Communication:
➨This form of communication provides written records and evidence of dispatch and receipt.
➨It offers clarity and precision and reduces chances of misinterpretation.
➨Written communication messages can be preserved as record for future references. This is very useful in mutual contracts and agreements, official records and evidence.
➨This communication type is capable of relaying complex ideas.
➨It provides analysis evaluation and summary report.
➨It helps in distributing information to people located in different parts of the world.
➨It helps in confirmation, interpretation and clarification of oral communication type.
➨It can help bridge language barriers by utilizing language translation tools such as and other language conversion tools.

Disadvantages of Written Communication

Following are the disadvantages of Written Communication:
➨This communication method does not provide instant feedback and will take time to respond.
➨Once it is dispatched or out of the hands of the sender, it is difficult to modify or stop.
➨It does not allow immediate exchange of opinions, views or attributes.
➨Written messages can be vulnerable to misplacement, damage or loss.
➨Composing well written messages are time consuming particularly for complex and formal communications.
➨It lacks non-verbal cues such as tone of voice, body language and facial expressions.
➨Written messages can be ambiguous or open to interpretation which may result in different understandings or different actions can be taken based on same message.
➨Written communication can be used by fraudulent individuals to deceive and cheat others. Few such activities include creating or establishing fake identities, Phishings and scams, false promises or offers, fake invoices or payment requests, misleading contracts or agreements etc.

Difference between formal written communication and informal written communication

Following table summarize difference between formal and informal written communication types.

Parameters Formal written communication Informal written communication
Language/vocabulary Formal language using standard grammar and vocabulary Casual language, relaxed tone and conversational style
Structure Follows specific structure as well as format Flexible structure and often lacks a strict format
Tone Professional and respectful tone Personal and friendly tone
Audience Official or professional audience Familiar or informal audience
Length Longer sentences and paragraphs Shorter sentences and paragraphs
Politeness More formal and polite expressions Informal and casual expressions
Examples Business letters/emails with digital signature, official reports or circulars, academic papers etc. Emails to friends, text messages, personal letters etc.

Conclusion: Overall, written communication allows individuals to carefully choose their words and structure in their sentences which enhance clarity and precision in conveying information. With the advent of internet and digital communication tools, written messages can be shared instantly and easily across the globe. This allows efficient and widespread communication among people.

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