Advantages of Telegram over whatsapp | disadvantages of Telegram app

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Telegram over Whatsapp. It mentions benefits or advantages of Telegram app and drawbacks or disadvantages of Telegram app.

What is Telegram app?

Telegram is an instant messaging service. It is cloud server based app which can be used across all the platforms such as windows, linux, android, macOS etc. The app was initially released in 2013 by its founders Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov. The telegram can be downloaded for free from the internet for desktop PC and mobile phone. It can provide end to end encrypted video and voice calls, secret chat, multiple sessions, file sharing etc.

Telegram features

The figure-1 depicts unique features of telegram app as explained below.
• Cloud storage : Telegram uses cloud servers for message storage which is safer and cheaper to use and maintain.
• Self-destruct messages : Telegram allows user to set the timer after which messages will get disappeared automatically. This is useful to exchange secret informations between users for short period of time.
• Secret chat : It offers secured conversation between two end clients without using cloud server. Messages are not stored on server and are stored on memory of client devices.
• Bots : These are programs which can be embedded in chats or public channels to perform specific functions. The telegram bot provides various options such as searching on internet, teaching, reminders, integration with other services etc. The popular bots are sticker bot, image bot etc.
• Growing number of users : The number of users of telegram app are quite huge. According to company data there are about 550 million active users as of July, 2021. Daily active users are about 55.2 million on android and iOS.
• Telegram will not be sold : It is non-profit project and hence can't be sold and bought.

Telegram for mobile

The figure-2 depicts snapshot of options available in telegram app developed for android mobile phone in one of the releases. As shown it has features such as new group, contacts, calls, people nearby, saved messages, settings, invite friends, dark mode ON/OFF, searching interest groups within telegram community etc.

Benefits or advantages of Telegram app

Following are the benefits or advantages of Telegram app:
➨Unlimited cloud storage is provided by Telegram app which can be used to store images, messages, media files, documents etc.
➨Compress and uncompress options are available for users to transmit image/video files.
➨Group can have maximum of 2 Lakh members in telegram compare to 256 supported by WhatsaApp.
➨'Username' feature hides contact number of the user in telegram. Hence user can send messages in any group without revealing his/her contact number. Moreover user can send message to anyone without knowing recipient's contact number.
➨The feature called "channel" allows user to post and view messages similar to group. Creator of channel sets posting permission to the users of choice.
➨Telegram can be used across multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, android etc. and browsers.
➨'Secret chat' feature allows two users to communicate securely.
➨Users can send/receive any kind of files through telegram.
➨User can login to multiple client devices simultaneously in telegram. Hence user can receive messages to all the devices at the same time.
➨Telegram does not use cookies for advertising purpose. It uses cookies only to offer better experience to its users.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Telegram app

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Telegram app:
➨It does not offer security in 'group chat' feature unlike "Signal app".
➨Secret chats are not backed up.
➨'Self Destructing messages' feature is available only for secret chats.
➨'Ads' feature is not supported by Telegram. It may be available in future releases.

Conclusion: Like all the technologies there are few disadvantages of Telegram app as mentioned above. Inspite of these few drawbacks, telegram has become popular and its popularity is growing due to immense advantages of telegram over whatsapp and other mobile apps.

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