Advantages of Solar Energy | Disadvantages of Solar Energy

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Solar Energy. It mentions Solar Energy advantages and Solar Energy disadvantages.

Definition: As we know sun is ball of fire which provides us heat. The energy produced by the sun is known as solar energy. The human beings, plants and animals survive due to light and heat from the sun.

There are many applications or uses of the solar energy. It is used to make salt from water of the ocean. Plants use it during photosynthesis for making food. It is the only source to melt ice formation on mountains.

There are batteryless devices such as calculators and watches which run on solar energy. The other devices include solar water heater, solar cooker, solar dryer, solar street light etc. Let us understand advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

Advantages of Solar Energy

Following are the advantages of Solar Energy:
➨The solar energy is free and does not require any money to buy as sun is available for all as one of the natural resource.
➨Unlike other fuels, solar energy do not cause any pollution. It neither produce any harmful gases nor contribute in acid rains and global warming.
➨solar energy is renewable energy resource unlike fossil fuels, gas and oil.
➨Electricity can easily be generated in the remote homes and industrial places with the help of solar panels.
➨The entire process of electricity generation from solar energy is noiseless.
➨The households using solar energy will have very less electric bills compare to non-user of solar energy.
➨In order to generate solar energy for use, no external connection is needed except open air area where abundant sun rays are available.
➨Solar energy does not require any kind of maintenance and do not have any particular life.
➨There are many uses of solar energy for households e.g. to run ceiling fans, to boil water, to charge batteries, to heat water of swimming pools, to cook food, to feed electricity for lighting etc.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Following are the disadvantages of Solar Energy:
➨The solar cells and panels used to absorb sun heat energy are very expensive.
➨Solar energy can be available only during day time for use.
➨During situations such as cloudy and rainy climates, it is difficult to obtain solar energy.
➨Solar batteries used to store electrical energy converted from solar energy are bulky/ It requires more space. Moreover due to heavy weight, it is difficult to install and replace.
➨Solar system works efficiently only when consistent photons are available from sun.
➨Solar panels and solar cells require huge space and hence it is inconvenient to have solar solution in small areas. Moreover replacement of such panels is also cumbersome job.
➨Efficiency of solar cells degrade due to polluting environment, this has become a major concern in the solar industry.

Conclusion: Inspite of above disadvantages of solar energy, technology advancement in the field of solar energy is rapidly changing. This may produce cost effective solutions for human beings to make their life better and better in the future. One can refer solar related links as mentioned below for further study.

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