Advantages of SmartPen | disadvantages of SmartPen

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of SmartPen. It mentions SmartPen advantages or benefits and SmartPen disadvantages or drawbacks.

What are SmartPen?

• It captures images and records the notes simultaneously.
• The recorded information can be uploaded to the laptop or compatible devices or shared with any one using online applications.
• The smartPen usually consists of rechargeable battery, OLED display, microphone, speaker, memory, USB connector, replaceable tip, body cover etc.
• It is widely used in taking lecture notes in schools, colleges and companies.

Echo SmartPen

The figure-1 depicts one such smartpen>> from livescribe. The other manufacturers of smartpen are Wacom, Neo, Apple, Moleskine, Logitech, IRIS, Equil.

Benefits or advantages of SmartPen

Following are the benefits or advantages of SmartPen:
➨It provides recording of long duration audios (400 to 800 Hours) as per memory size e.g. 4GB/8GB.
➨It can be recharged due to use of rechargeable battery inside.
➨OLED display provides status of smartpen while in use viz. recording, playing and stopping.
➨It houses camera, microphone and speaker. It records both texts and graphics from your note book as well as records sound of person delivering lecture. Microphone records crisp clear sound. Speaker produces rich full sound.
➨It has USB connector and hence can be connected with laptop PC in order to transfer recorded files. The transferred files can be shared with friends and colleagues using desktop application software.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of SmartPen

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of SmartPen:
➨It works with specific type of paper or note book.
➨The cost of pen is quite high.
➨The smartpen can be misused.
➨Its storage depends on memory size.

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