Advantages of Diplexer | disadvantages of Diplexer

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Diplexer. It mentions RF Diplexer advantages or benefits and RF Diplexer disadvantages or drawbacks. It also describes RF Diplexer basics.

What is RF Diplexer?

The diplexer is a RF device which separates two wide bands in receive direction and combines them in transmit direction. As mentioned for RF diplexer to work satisfactory, the frequency bands it will be operating upon should be wide apart. It uses one LPF/one HPF or two BPFs inside to separate the bands.

RF diplexer

Example application#1: Transmission of VHF and UHF frequencies using single antenna
The two widely separate bands used for different applications are combined and transmitted over the same antenna. It separates out two different bands in the receive direction. The same is depicted in the figure-1. The two frequencies used for different departments such as police and fire are combined and transmitted using same single radio tower located in the city with the help of RF diplexer.
Example application#2: Sharing of single antenna between transmitter and receiver

Benefits or advantages of Diplexer

Following are the benefits or advantages of Diplexer:
➨The same antenna is used for transmitter and receiver chains and hence it helps in minimizing cost of the entire system.
➨It simplifies design of the end product due to less space requirements for the antenna structure.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Diplexer

Following are the disadvantages of Diplexer:
➨The resultant noise figure increases due to insertion loss of the diplexer.

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