Advantages of QR code | disadvantages of QR code

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of QR code. It mentions QR code advantages or benefits and QR code disadvantages or drawbacks. It also describes QR code basics.

What is QR code?

The term QR stands for "Quick Response". The QR code is 2D code which contains data in both the dimensions i.e. X and Y. It has capacity to store numeric code with maximum of 7089 characters and alphanumeric code with 4296 characters.

The QR code has two versiosn viz. 21 modules & 25 modules. In QR code, each black module represents "1" bit and white one represent "0" bit exclusing no zone region. The information from QR code is read, interpreted and decoded based on white modules after it is scanned horizontally.

QR-code processing using mobile phone

The figure-1 depicts QR code scanning process. As shown it uses camera of mobile phone and QR code application (i.e. app) installed in the phone. The camera is kept in front of the QR code to be decoded and app automatically scans it to retrieve its information. Refer QR code basics >>.

Benefits or advantages of QR code

Following are the benefits or advantages of QR code:
➨The code can be decoded at high speed from any direction.
➨It does not require any light to be generated or to be received from the QR code as done during Barcode scanning.
➨QR-codes are designed for various needs such as URL or web address, phone number, contact information, geo-location with map, text etc. Hence it is used for multi-purposes.
➨Due to error correction part, QR codes can be read easily even after some part is not properly read by the scanning device.
➨It can be scanned anytime, anywhere using mobile phones.
➨No license needed to create or use QR codes.
➨It connects magazine or news paper readers with advertisers' website with click of a button.
➨QR codes are very easy to create with the help of free softwares.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of QR code

Following are the disadvantages of QR code:
➨It requires phone with camera which makes it costly for the common users to afford.
➨It requires installation of QR code reader software or application in order to scan the QR code image. This is not possible in all the types of mobile phones.

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