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Advantages of Pedometers | disadvantages of Pedometers

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Pedometers. It mentions Pedometers advantages or benefits and Pedometers disadvantages or drawbacks.

What are Pedometers?

• Pedometer usually comes in the form of a watch which records foot steps of a person by detecting motion of hands or hips of a person.
•  distance = number of foot steps x size of step
• Some pedometers use GPS receiver chip to estimate the distance travelled.
• It can be a nelectronic or electro-mechanical device with accuracy of about +/-5%.

Best Pedometers

• Modern Pedometers provide much more than distance. It provides sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring and other data analysis.
• It is used not only by regular walkers but also by sports and fitness enthusiasts.
• They use motion sensors for measurement of physical activity. Some are designed using metronome which count steps by detecting vertical movement.
• The figure-1 depicts some of the best pedometers available in the market.

Benefits or advantages of Pedometers

Following are the benefits or advantages of Pedometers:
➨They are easy to use by wearing on wrist or hip.
➨They are inexpensive and non-invasive.
➨They are used to measure common activity e.g. walking at schools and workplace as well as regular walkers.
➨Usually pedometers provide measurement of distance travelled on foot. Modern pedometers also provide measurement of energy expended and time. They also provide heart rate monitoring.
➨10,000 steps per day is recommended by most of the pedometers.
➨It can capture qualitative and quantitative information both.
➨It is quick and easy to be used for larger groups. Hence it is cost effective for such large group analysis.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Pedometers

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Pedometers:
➨Some pedometers assess only hip movement.
➨They are not useful in comparing different age group of people.
➨In competition, there is chance of tempering by participants.
➨Some pedometers do not deliver accurate results while jogging or running. Hence assessment is restricted to walking.
➨It is useful to measure distance travelled when one know the stride length of the participants.

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