Advantages of OFET | Organic Field Effect Transistor disadvantages

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of OFET (Organic Field Effect Transistor). It mentions benefits or advantages of OFET and drawbacks or disadvantages of OFET.

What is OFET?

The OFET uses organic semiconductor materials in its channel. The first OFET was introduced in 1986 which was based on film made of electrochemically grown polythiophene. Later it was manufactured using aromatic and conjugated materials including small molecules. The small molecules include pentacene, rubrene, tetracene, tetracyanoquinodimethane and polymers. The common polymers are polyfluorene, polydiacetylene etc. It is used for various application such as smart textiles, portable compact screens, skin cancer treatments, bioelectronics, biomedicines etc.

OFET schematic

The figure depicts OFET schematic. As shown it is composed of three terminals viz. source, drain and gate. It houses semiconductor layer and insulating layer between gate and semiconductor. There are two OFET device configurations which are top contact based and bottom contact based. In top contact configuration, source and drain electrodes are evaporated on top of organic material. In bottom contact configuration, source and drain electrodes are evaporated on dielectric before organic semiconductor deposition.

By the application of voltage, gate induces electric (E) field through dielectric material. This causes formation of accumulation layer of charges at the interface of deposited semiconductor. OFET characteristic can be demonstated either using transfer characteristic or output characteristic. Transfer characteristic is constructed by varying Vgs and keeping Vds constant. Output characteristic is constructed by varying Vds and keeping Vgs constant.

Benefits or advantages of OFET

Following are the benefits or advantages of OFET:
➨It is available at affordable price due to its low cost manufacturing.
➨It offers large area coverage.
➨It offers greater flexibility.
➨It houses tunable electronic materials which are readily available.
➨It is light in weight.
➨It can be manufactured from large selection of materials.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of OFET

Following are the disadvantages of OFET:
➨OFET devices require optimization to deliver reliable performance.
➨Thermal stability
➨Chemical stability (Oxidation)

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