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Advantages of Nuclear Energy | Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Nuclear Energy. It mentions Nuclear Energy advantages and Nuclear Energy disadvantages.

About Nuclear Energy:
We know that splitting of atom is known as fission process. This process generates steam or heat. This steam is used to power the turbines. This results into production of electricity. This way nuclear energy is used to generate electricity.

Advantages of Nuclear Energy

Following are the advantages of Nuclear Energy:
➨It requires less amount of uranium to generate same amount of energy as with the use of coal/oil. Hence it is cost effective compare to other methods. Moreover uranium is less expensive.
➨Once installed it runs without any interruptions. Hence it is not affected by weather.
➨Nuclear stations do not produce carbon emissions. Moreover they do not generate any smoke particles. Hence it does not generate any environmental pollution. Hence it neither contribute to global warming nor creates acid rain.
➨It is more reliable as it does not depend on natural environments or weather conditions.
➨It produces very less volume of waste which is radioactive in nature.
➨Nuclear power stations do not require much space for installation.

Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

Following are the disadvantages of Nuclear Energy:
➨Disposal of produced waste is expensive as it is radio-active in nature. Care must be taken care to avoid any pollution during disposal of nuclear wastes.
➨Nuclear accidents are very hazardous for human beings as it produces harmful radiating particles. It creates sickness or even death of human beings.
➨Uranium used for nuclear energy generation is very unstable substance. It requires extreme precaution to handle it during transportation as well as in storage.

Conclusion: If appropriate care is being taken during transport, storage and disposal; nuclear materials provide very efficient means of electricity generation compare to other methods.

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