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Advantages of Net Neutrality | disadvantages of Net Neutrality

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Net Neutrality. It mentions Net Neutrality advantages or benefits and Net Neutrality disadvantages or drawbacks. It also describes Net Neutrality basics.

What is Net Neutrality?

The term "Net Neutrality" means Open internet in which ISPs treat all the websites and all types of data equally regardless of their content. This means all the websites and all kinds of data viz. video, audio, text, images are transported at the same speed across the internet highway.

Prior to net neutrality, ISPs were providing higher speed to data from big companies (Netflix, youtube, google) compare to smaller companies (such as Comcast). Moreover ISPs were providing high speed access for video or TV shows with additional charges to the customers as per request. The figure-1 depicts the same concept of net neutrality.

net neutrality based internet

• It creates equal representation for all the content providers i.e. websites.
• It helps in transferring information across internet highway without bias. It limits the role of ISPs to mere transporter of information. They do not have mechanism to distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable content.
Refer Net Neutrality basics >>.

Benefits or advantages of Net Neutrality

Following are the benefits or advantages of Net Neutrality:
➨It protects big companies to be treated exceptionally with higher speeds and more bandwidths on internet. This provides benefits to small companies to grow equally and par with bigger companies.
➨There are no restrictions of any kind on access to content on the web. It helps treat all the websites equally and hence will provide chance for all website owners to grow equally irrespective of their website contents viz. videos, images, text etc.
➨There are no restrictions on downloads/uploads and no restrictions on communication methods to be used for internet access.
➨Access will not be blocked or slowed down or speed up depending on where that access is located or who owns the APs (Access Points).
➨It decreases government control over the internet dramatically.
➨The other benefits are no censorship, capitalism, privacy not invaded, consistent speed for all the content types, no throttling etc.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Net Neutrality

Following are the disadvantages of Net Neutrality:
➨ISPs have to work harder now in order to sustain network infrastructure.
➨Some data is more important than other data and hence need to be prioritized. This concept is not possible in net neutrality based internet.
➨It does not allow ISPs to micro-manage the business.
➨ISPs will not be able to charge big companies to have paid service access. All are treated equally on internet highway as shown.
➨ISPs will not be able to charge individual consumers as per choice of the content such as their favourite TV shows.

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