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Advantages of Modern Technology | Disadvantages of Modern Technology

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Modern Technology. It mentions Modern Technology advantages and Modern Technology disadvantages.

The modern technologies have evolved in various disciplines such as communication, medicine, transportation, electronics etc. Following section summarizes merits and demerits of the same.

Advantages of Modern Technology

Following are the advantages of Modern Technology:
➨Better communication among people due to modern means of communication such as email, sms, mms, video calls etc.
➨It helps in better education due to availability of internet as well as video conferencing equipments.
➨It has created jobs in various sectors for highly skilled engineers.
➨Life has become very comfortable and easy to live.
➨It has benefitted everyone in terms of getting ultimate medicare, better transport and better means of communication.
➨The businesses have grown multifold as distant places have become nearer due to modern means of communication.
➨The modern technologies are advancing and improving further and hence there is room for all to grow in the future.

Disadvantages of Modern Technology

Following are the disadvantages of Modern Technology:
➨Adoption of any new technology based devices require promotion or publicity among people.
➨Some of the modern technology based devices need technical skills to operate them.
➨It requires higher maintence cost.
➨It damages the environment and hence it affects animals, birds, trees, human beings due to radiation beyond limit.
➨Unskilled labors have lost their jobs due to arrival of modern technology based devices or equipments.
➨Nuclear and chemical weapons have created huge casualties during wars in the past and current times.

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