Advantages of Long wire antenna | disadvantages of Long wire antenna

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Long wire antenna. It mentions Long wire antenna advantages or benefits and Long wire antenna disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is Long wire antenna?

• The long wire antenna is the antenna which is a wavelength or longer in length at the operating frequency.
• Its directional pattern is sharp in both vertical plane and horizontal plane.
• Beverage antenna is one of the type of long wire antenna.

Long wire antenna
Image courtesy: ARRL, USA

• Long wire antennas are constructed using more than one dipole antennas. Length of wire of this antenna is equal to n times λ/2. Here n is number of elements and λ is the operating wavelength.
• Long wire antennas are categorized into two main types viz. resonant antenna and non-resonant antenna >>

Benefits or advantages of Long wire antenna

Following are the benefits or advantages of Long wire antenna:
➨It is simple in construction.
➨It offers satisfactory gain and directivity.
➨It radiates on any frequency for which its overall length is not less than approx. λ/2.
➨It has sharp directional pattern.
➨It concentrates radiation at low vertical angles.
➨It is inexpensive.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Long wire antenna

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Long wire antenna:
➨It requires antenna tuner unit or matching system.
➨It can be problem for lightning.
➨Single wire feed line used in long wire antenna is prone to shock hazard.
➨Single wire feeder and ground lead radiate in the air.

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