Advantages of LiPo Battery | disadvantages of LiPo Battery

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of LiPo (lithium polymer) Battery. It mentions LiPo (lithium polymer) Battery advantages or benefits and LiPo (lithium polymer) Battery disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is LiPo (lithium polymer) Battery?

• It is rechargeable battery which uses lithium-ion technology.
• The lithium battery consists of three pieces viz. positive electrode, negative electrode and electrolyte or liquid chemical compound between these electrodes. Li-Ion battery uses liquid as chemical electrolyte between +ve and -ve electrodes where as LiPo battery uses one of the three forms viz. dry solid, porous chemical compound or gel like electrolyte.

LiPo battery,lithium polymer battery

• It is available in different voltage ratings such as 3.7 V, 7.4 V etc.
• LiPo battery is specified by voltage/cell count, capacity (mAh) and discharge rating (amperes).
• LiPo batteries are used with various connector types viz. Traxxas connectors, Deans connectors, EC3 connectors, Tamiya connectors, Venom connectors, XT-60 connectors, Anderson power poles, JST-XH plug, TP plugs etc.

Benefits or advantages of LiPo Battery

Following are the benefits or advantages of LiPo Battery:
➨It offers high specific energy compare to other lithium batteries.
➨It is used in less weight devices such as smartphones and thin laptops as well as smart wearables due to its light weight and compact size.
➨It offers high capacity and hence can be used to hold more power.
➨It is safe from explosion unlike Li-Ion battery.
➨It does not lose its charging capacity as fast as Li-Ion battery. Hence its life span is greater than 1000 times which is higher than Li-Ion battery. Its charging time is very short.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of LiPo Battery

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of LiPo Battery:
➨It supports less recharge life which is about 300 to 400 cycles.
➨Its chemistry leads to fire when LiPo battery is punctured.
➨It requires special care during charging, discharging and storage.
➨It is expensive. The cost is almost double than Li-Ion battery.

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