Advantages of LWM2M | disadvantages of LWM2M

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of LWM2M. It mentions LWM2M advantages or benefits and LWM2M disadvantages or drawbacks. LWM2M stands for Lightweight Machine to Machine Communication.

What is LWM2M?

• LWM2M is based on CoAP protocol over UDP and SMS bearers.
• It fulfills security and communication needs of constrained devices and networks. Low-power microcontrollers and small amounts of Flash and RAM based devices are known as constrained devices.
• CoAP protocol defines message header, request/response codes, message options and retransmission mechanisms. The main goal is to keep overhead of message smaller, limits fragmentation and provides support for multicast message to be used in M2M.
• In LWM2M, client and server interaction occurs both via UDP and SMS.

LWM2M deployment scenario

LWM2M system composed of server and client. Server is located in private/public data centre which is hosted by various service providers. Client resides on device or module itself. There are four logical interfaces between client and server viz. bootstrap, device management & service enablement, device discovery & registration and information reporting. It uses various wireless and wired (e.g. PLC) technologies between LWM2M client and LWM2M server. Wireless technologies include 6LoWPAN, WiFi, BT Smart, Cellular etc.

Benefits or advantages of LWM2M

Following are the benefits or advantages of LWM2M:
➨It is designed to manage low cost and more constrained devices (e.g. battery powered location tracker) as well as high end M2M devices (e.g. industrial gateway).
➨It provides secure communications between client and server using DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer Security). DTLS uses public key as well as pre-shared key technology.
➨LWM2M data model is one of the major benefits of LWM2M. It allows unlimited extensions to itself which enables any kind of functionalities for any of the use cases.
➨New features such as CoAP/TCP binding will be added in LWM2M.
➨LWM2M provides ten times better eficiency compare to traditional mobile devices.
➨LWM2M simplifies system by allowing single solution for both device management and application data.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of LWM2M

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of LWM2M:
➨UDP is used in LWM2M which does not guarantee delivery of the datagrams.
➨CoAP used here adds mechanism to verify whether message has been received or not. It does not verify whether it has been received and decoded properly without any errors.
➨CoAP has problems in communicating with devices behind NAT (Network Address Translation) as IP can be dynamic over different time instants.
➨Refer drawbacks of UDP protocol >> for more information.

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