What is Joystick in computer ?

A joystick is an input device that allows users to control the movement of an on-screen cursor or other graphical elements. The function of a joystick is to provide manual control or input for various devices. Due to its several advantages such as precise and multidirectional control, there are numerous uses of joystick in computer applications including gaming, flight simulators, racing simulations, 3D modeling and CAD, Virtual Reality, Medical Imaging, remote surveillance, drone piloting, robotics control etc.

A Joystick consists of small vertical lever (i.e. stick) mounted on base which is used to steer screen cursor around. Most of the joysticks select screen positions with actual stick movement; others respond to pressure on the stick. The figure-1 depicts joystick. Some joysticks are mounted on keyboard; others function as stand alone units. Joysticks connect to a computer via various interfaces, including USB, Bluetooth, or specialized gaming connectors.


The distance from stick's center position to moved position is proportional to screen cursor movement in that direction. Potentiometer is mounted on base of the joystick which measures the amount of the movement. This potentiometer helps in returning stick to its center position when stick of joystick is released. One or more buttons can also be programmed to act as input switches to signal certain actions once a screen position has been selected.

10 Joystick uses

Following are the key characteristics and uses of joystick in computers.
1. Gaming : Joysticks are commonly used as input devices for playing games especially flight simulators, racing games etc. They provide more immersive gaming experience compared to traditional keyboard and mouse controls.
2. 3D Modeling and CAD Software : Joysticks can be used in these applications to manipulate objects and view angles smoothly and intuitively.
3. Simulation software : They are used in various computer based simulations such as flight training simulations, virtual reality environments, scientific simulations. In this simulators, users need to control and interact with virtual objects.
4. Accessibility : They can serve as assistive tool for individuals with physical disabilities.
5. Presentation Software : Used for navigating slides and presentations.
6. Robotics and Automation : Joysticks may be used to manually control robotics arms or machinery.
7. Medical Imaging : Used as input devices for medical imaging and diagnostics equipments to manipulate and analyze images or perform procedures.
8. Surveillance and Remote Operation : In such setups, joysticks can be used to control cameras and other equipments for monitoring and surveillance purposes.
9. Drone Control : In the context of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and drones, they are used as remote controllers to pilot and navigate the aircrafts.
10. Virtual Reality : They are often used in VR gaming experiences to provide users with intuitive and immersive interaction in virtual environments.

The other applications are scientific simulations, Gimbal Stabilization, drone piloting, Virtual Environments etc.

Benefits or advantages of Joystick

Following are the benefits or advantages of Joystick:
➨It is useful for playing computer and video games.
➨It is very easy to use by beginners.
➨It is very fast interface.
➨It is easier to navigate.
➨The control is in 3D (three dimensions).
➨They provide fast interactions as required in most games and hence used in games such as racing or flying styles etc.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Joystick

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Joystick:
➨It is difficult to control the ON screen pointer compare to mouse. Some people find it more difficult to control than mouse.
➨Movement indirect in plane different from the screen.
➨They are not robust and can break if too much force is applied on them.
➨It requires lifting of hand from keyboard keys and requires different hand movements.
➨The prolonged use of joystick can cause fatigue in the arms.

Conclusion : Overall in computer domain, joystick is used for racing games, flight simulators, 3D modeling, assistive technology for individuals with disabilities and more. The key benefits such as enhanced control, immersion, accessibility make them valuable input devices for various uses or applications.

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