Industry 4.0 advantages | Industry 4.0 disadvantages

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Industry 4.0 or manufacturing 4.0. It mentions Industry 4.0 advantages and Industry 4.0 disadvantages.

industry 4.0 blocks

Refer Industry 4.0 basics>> which describes building blocks used in this cyber physical system. It is also known as Manufacturing 4.0. It is the latest evolution in the manufacturing or production process after industry 3.0.

Manufacturing 4.0 or Industry 4.0 advantages

0 Following are the Industry 4.0 advantages:
➨It is easy to do backend integration with ERP/MES etc.
➨It is possible to host micro services.
➨It enables execution of transactions with soft real time.
➨It enables simple distribution of functionalities to multiple nodes.
➨It is easy to install, activate and change in industry 4.0 architecture.
➨Clear and monitored communication paths in industry 4.0 makes resource management very simple.
➨It is easy to add new protocols and processes.
➨It is possible to communicate between components on the shop floor.

Manufacturing 4.0 or Industry 4.0 disadvantages

Following are the Industry 4.0 disadvantages:
➨The IoT security is a major concern. The companies are working to address the security related loop holes.
➨Skills and education of workers working on industry 4.0 based processes need to improved.
➨There are redundant workers in corporate IT department and hence adoption of industry 4.0 is a major threat for these IT staff.
➨There will be general reluctance to change to industry 4.0 by company stakeholders.
➨Need to eliminate any IT snags as this will cause costly production outages.
➨Reliability and stability are required for M2M (Machine to Machine) communication. This demands very short and stable latency timings in the system.
➨It requires to maintain integrity of production processes.
➨It requires to educate staff to adopt this 4th industrial revolution. This requires considerable time as well as efforts across the industries.

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