Advantages of Hydro Energy | Disadvantages of Hydro Energy

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Hydro Energy. It mentions Hydro Energy advantages and Hydro Energy disadvantages.

About Hydro Energy:
Flow of water possesses kinetic energy or potential energy which is utilized to rotate the turbines. This rotation produces electricity. The higher speed and pressure of flowing water generates more hydro energy.

The flow of water due to rain in high hilly regions is being stopped and stored in large dams or reservoirs on the way to sea. This water is used to rotate turbines in this method.

Advantages of Hydro Energy

Following are the advantages of Hydro Energy:
➨ It is produced using water which is non-polluting energy source.
➨It requires low operational expenditure in comparison to fossil fuel based energy plants.
➨Electric Power/Energy can be transported to longer distances with the help of wires for home/office use.
➨Dams specifically constructed for hydro-electricity helps in irrigation activities by farmers.

Disadvantages of Hydro Energy

Following are the disadvantages of Hydro Energy:
➨The hydro energy production requires heavy and continuous supply of water. This causes problem in hydro energy generation in less rainy situations.
➨Moreover it requires hilly terrains. Hence it is difficult to generate hydro energy in non-hilly regions.
➨It incurs huge losses during transportation.
➨The initial deployment and installation of hydro electric dams are very expensive.
➨The nearby areas of dams are always under threat of floods.
➨Construction of dams cause pollution.
➨Scanty rain provides less water which is not sufficient to run the water turbines in hydro-electric plants.

Conclusion: Hydro energy is easily and abundantly produced during heavy rain conditions. These need to be stored and used in scanty rain situations for household.

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