Advantages of Flexible Waveguide | Disadvantages of Flexible Waveguide

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Flexible Waveguide.It mentions Flexible Waveguide advantages and Flexible Waveguide disadvantages. The common merits and demerits of waveguide based transmission systems are also explained.

Introduction: As shown in the figure, waveguide is hollow metallic conductor used to carry high frequency electro-magnetic waves known as microwaves. Waveguide carry radio frequencies in the range from 300 MHz to 300 GHz. It acts as high pass filter for the frequencies.

Waveguide types-rectangular,circular

The rugged waveguides are of two main types based on their shape viz. circular and rectangular. The loss of power incurs in the walls of the waveguide due to induced current. This can be reduced by using low resistance conducting material in the construction of the waveguide.

Flexible waveguide

The figure-2 depicts flexible waveguide. Refer flexible waveguide basics and types>>.

Advantages of Flexible waveguide

Following are the advantages of Flexible waveguide:
➨It is flexible as well as twistable in nature.
➨It operates over full band.
➨It isolates vibration and other mechanical movements and allows uninterrupted RF signal propagation. This is due to the fact that it stretches and compresses as and when required.
➨The flexible and non-twistable type is rugged in construction and offers less insertion loss compare to other flexible waveguide types.

Disadvantages of Flexible waveguide

Following are the disadvantages of Flexible waveguide:
➨It incurs higher insertion loss compare to rugged waveguide type.
➨It is relatively fragile and hence needs to be handled with care.
➨Pressure seal type of flexible waveguide needs jacket.
➨It is higher in cost compare to other waveguide types.
➨Jointed sections of flexible waveguide introduces low level of intermodulation products (passive). This often falls within the receiver band and causes deterioration in the receiver performance.

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