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Advantages of Ethernet | disadvantages of Ethernet

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Ethernet. It mentions Ethernet advantages or benefits and Ethernet disadvantages or drawbacks. It provides links on various topics on Ethernet.

What is Ethernet?

The ethernet is LAN (Local Area Network) technology based on IEEE 802.3 standard. It uses TCP/IP stack to connect multiple systems on LAN network. It operates on link layer and uses CSMA/CD protocol for transfer of data between nodes on the network. Ethernet offers connectionless communication.

Ethernet Network Fig.3

Ethernet uses two types of cables viz. twisted pair and fiber optic. There are three types of ethernet based on data transfer speed viz. basic ethernet (about 10Mbps, 2500 meters) , fast ethernet (about 100Mbps, 250 meters) and gigabit ethernet (about 1Gbps, 250 meters). The other networks are MAN and WAN. Refer LAN vs MAN vs WAN>> and Ethernet tutorial>>.

Benefits or advantages of Ethernet connection

Following are the benefits or advantages of Ethernet connection:
➨It is inexpensive to form ethernet based network of computers.
➨The nodes on ethernet network have same privileges and do not follow client-server architecture.
➨It is easy to maintain and troubleshoot the ethernet network.
➨The cables used in ethernet connection are immune to noise and hence quality of connection is maintained without any degradation.
➨With latest versions such as gigabit ethernet and wireless ethernet (IEEE 802.11ac/11ad) transfer speeds in Gbps have become possible.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Ethernet connection

Following are the disadvantages of Ethernet connection:
➨As it is not designed to support real time voice and video traffic initially, it works best for traffic consisting of data solely.
➨The ethernet network does not prioritize traffic in order to support effective class of service.
➨The gigabit ethernet is still not in use at many places and hence will take time for common man to have benefits of this ethernet version.
➨The 100Base-T4 version requires 4 pair of wiring to support data transfer. Moreover it can not support full duplex data communication mode.

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