Advantages of Conformal Antenna | disadvantages of Conformal Antenna

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Conformal Antenna. It mentions Conformal Antenna advantages or benefits and Conformal Antenna disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is Conformal Antenna?

The conformal antenna is the antenna which conforms to any specified shape as desired. It is a form of phased array antenna. Its mechanical design makes it suitable to be mounted on curved surface. Hence it is used for wide variety of applications such as Aerospace designs, wearable antenna, mobile devices, spacesuit etc.

conformal array antenna

It has following features.
• Gain: It can be controlled and it depends on shape.
• Angular coverage: It is very wide, half sphere.
• RCS : Lower compare to planar antenna type.
• Installation on platform: Structurally integrated, leave extra space, no drag
• Radome: No conventional radome, no bore sight error.

Benefits or advantages of Conformal Antenna

Following are the benefits or advantages of Conformal Antenna:
➨It offers increased FOV (Field of View) compare to traditional value of +/- 600 coverage.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Conformal Antenna

Following are the disadvantages of Conformal Antenna:
➨It is complex in design.
➨The surface of substrate changes with time during operation.
➨When the surface of antenna remains planar, the antenna behaves normally. However for non-planar orientation, radiation pattern gets distorted.

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