Cloud computing advantages | Cloud Computing disadvantages

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. It mentions cloud computing advantages and cloud computing disadvantages.

Let us understand cloud services based on following applications. These will illustrate benefits of cloud services over traditional services.
➨EMail Services: In cloud, internet based email such as google mail can be used. Such services are available at minimal costs and depends on number of email users. In traditional services it requires client based outlook and microsoft exchange servers.
➨Disk Storage: Traditionally large amount of disk space is used on local server with sharing enabled. In cloud, internet based file storage is used to store the data. Charges are monthly as per gigabyte of usage.
➨Accouting Services:Rather than purchasing expensive accouting software, cloud services allows to use web based accouting services.

cloud computing architecture

Refer cloud computing tutorial.

cloud computing advantages

Following are the cloud computing advantages:
➨It is very cost effective, cloud based file sharing services can be acquired at affordable rates. Hence no need to buy costly file servers along with high amount of disk storages.
➨It is scalable and hence to add extra space one need not have to buy additional disk drives. This is because in cloud computing one need to pay based on capacity of usage.
➨Cloud services are reliable for small businesses compare to in house services.
➨Maintenance and management services are easy to be outsourced and hence you can get the best services while someone else can take care of all the hassles required to provide you the services.
➨Services are globally available and one just need internet connection in order avail the service.

cloud computing disadvantages

Following are the cloud computing disadvantages:
➨It is often required to run entrenched applications which are not feasible to have it on the cloud infrastructure. Moreover such applications are not provided by the cloud service providers.
➨Traditionally users use local file servers with gigabit speeds while on the cloud they need to depend on slower bandwidth based internet connections.
➨The internet connection reliability is a concern when the line is single. If the line fails, users will be deprived of critical applications. This problem can be mitigated by using backup internet connection or having enterprise class internet services at the cost of extra money.
➨Another big concern with cloud computing is security threats. The best way is to have very strong password.

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