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Advantages of Chatbot | disadvantages of Chatbot | Chatbot types

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Chatbot technology and chatbot types. It mentions benefits or advantages of Chatbot and drawbacks or disadvantages of Chatbot.

What is Chatbot?

A piece of software based on Artifical Intelligence which simulates conversation or chat is known as chatbot. It conducts conversation via textual or auditory methods. chatbots use natural languages through web app/mobile app, websites or through telephone for communication.

Based on usage applications, chatbots are used for ecommerce, communication, customer support, developer tools, HR, health, news etc. The chatbot works independent of human operator. It is basically a computer program which simulates human conversations. It is one form of interaction between human being and machine.

Examples: Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana etc.

Chatbot types

Following are the common types of chatbots.
• Scripted chatbots : It is very basic and scripted chatbot type which looks for key phrases and delivers pre-defined responses.
• Intent Recognizers : It is based on machine learning capabilities. It improves understanding of user intent to a greater extent. In this chatbot type, relationships between words are taken into account to extract meaning from the request.
• Virtual Agents : This chatbot type is able to understand what is human being is trying to achieve and can hold an end to end conversation. It connects to the other systems to leverage user data and insights. This chatbot type learns and improves over time.
• Human like advisor : It is general AI which is also known as human level AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is very strong chatbot type which works similar to human beings.

Benefits or advantages of Chatbot

Following are the benefits or advantages of Chatbot:
➨Chatbots are cheap, easy and efficient way to communicate with customers.
➨Chatbots are intelligent. Advanced software learns from past interactions/responses and hence improves responses over time.
➨Chatbots are effective. It allows users to perform tasks efficiently and accurately.
➨Chatbots are engaging. It enables human like interaction delivered through a channel that is easily scalable.
➨It does not require human being for its operation and hence saves cost of hiring human beings. It can be employed as per business model.
➨As chatbot technology is based on AI, I recommend reader to understand advantages of Artificial Intelligence >>.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Chatbot

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Chatbot:
➨Chatbots can't answer all the queries and hence it can be seen as lacking personal touch.
➨Certain chatbots are poor in processing and takes time to filter results. This annoys the users.
➨Different chatbots require different installation procedures and hence increases initial installation cost unlike human beings.
➨Certain chatbots have limited availability of data and require some time for their self update. This process leads to slower response times and expensive solutions.
➨Chatbots are poor in making decisions unlike human beings.
➨Certain chatbots are poor in memory and do not store past conversations. This annoys users as they need to re-type same things. This requires more efforts from user point of view.

Conclusion: Chatbots can save time and money for the companies but human involvement in customer service is very much required. In order to understand advantages of Chatbot and disadvantages of Chatbot one has to understand technologies behind the success such as AI, machine learning, Augmented Reality and so on.

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