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Advantages of C-V2X in 5G | Disadvantages of C-V2X in 5G NR

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of C-V2X in 5G NR. It mentions benefits or advantages of C-V2X and drawbacks or disadvantages of C-V2X.

What is C-V2X?

C-V2X refers to Cellular Vehicle to Everything. It refers to network which combines V2V, V2P, V2I and V2N. It fulfills requirements of autonomous vehicle and safe autonomous driving. V2P stands for Vehicle to Pedestrian, V2V stands for Vehicle to Vehicle, V2N stands for Vehicle to Network and V2I stands for Vehicle to Infrastructure.

C-V2X has been introduced in various standards. 802.11p/C-V2X R14 incorporates basic safety, C-V2X R14 incorporates enhanced safety and C-V2X R15+ incorporates advanced safety.

C-V2X network

C-V2X direct communication has been introduced in 5G NR (New Radio) standard. C-V2X Rel-14/Rel-15 offers enhanced range and reliability for basic and enhanced safety. C-V2X Rel-16 supports autonomous driving and advanced applications for manual driving.

Transmission modes supported in C-V2X are direct communication and network communication. Direct communication is defined for V2V, V2P and V2I as per PC5 interface in ITS band i.e. 5.9 GHz. Network communication is defined for V2N as per Uu interface.

Benefits or advantages of C-V2X

Following are the benefits or advantages of C-V2X:
➨It offers higher spectral efficiency. Hence it serves more users on the road.
➨It offers higher level of safety to users compare to alternate technologies.
➨It offers superior direct communication between vehicles.
➨It offers higher degree of security compare to 802.11p technology.
➨It offers longer range and more reliable performance at the same range for V2X safety use case.
➨5G NR C-V2X offers many benefits for autonomous vehicle use case such as high spectral efficiency to achieve higher throughput, lower latency, higher reliability, high vehicle speed etc.
➨5G NR C-V2X Rel-16 is backward compatible with Rel-14 for safety.
➨For safe autonomous driving use case, it provides 360 degree NLOS awareness, works at night and in bad weather conditions.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of C-V2X

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of C-V2X:
➨Vehicles in C-V2X are connected with internet and hence it is prone to hacking.
➨Privacy of users of vehicles are at risk due to their locations and other details being collected by the system.
➨Autonomous driver system lead to critical accidents due to failure of system. Such autonomous system used for human beings need to be tested well before they are installed for driving.
➨Malfunctioning of sensors or cars lead to faulty communications.


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