Advantages of Augmented Reality | disadvantages of Augmented Reality

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Augmented Reality (AR). It mentions Augmented Reality advantages or benefits and Augmented Reality disadvantages or drawbacks. The basics of Augmented Reality (AR) system is also explained along with its components.

What is Augmented Reality?

There are two terms which are very common in this generation viz. VR and AR.

VR refers to Virtual Reality which deals with simulated or virtual world. It ignores the real world around us completely. Once the person wears the VR device, he/she feels that they have moved physically though they have not moved actually. One such VR device is Oculus Rift.

AR refers to Augmented Reality which is combination of actual reality, virtual reality and real world surroundings. As the name suggests AR adds or augments additional stuff to the real world around us. It makes surrounding world more interactive which can also be manipulated digitally.

Augmented Reality System

AR is used in various domains for wide variety of applications. The common sectors where it is used are education, Gaming industry, Engineering, Medical, military etc. The figure-1 depicts Augmented Reality concept. Augmented reality system consists of sensors, user input devices, CPU and display/output devices. Example of AR device is Microsoft HoloLens. Refer Augmented Reality System Basics >> for more information.

Examples of AR (Augmented Reality) systems are virtual dressing rooms, virtual battlefield, games such as Pokemon Go etc. It is widely used in medical and healthcare applications such as keyhole surgery, Accu Vein, EyeDecide AR app, SimX etc.

Benefits or advantages of Augmented Reality (AR)

Following are the benefits or advantages of Augmented Reality (AR):
➨The AR system is highly interactive in nature and operates simultaneously with real time environment.
➨It reduces line between real world and virtual world.
➨It enhances perceptions and interactions with the real world.
➨Due to its use in medical industry, life of patients have become safer. It helps in efficient diagnosis of diseases and in early detection of them.
➨It can be used by anyone as per applications.
➨It can save money by testing critical situations in order to confirm their success without actually implementing in real time. Once it is proven, it can be implemented in real world.
➨It can be used by military people without putting their life in danger by way of battle field simulation before the actual war. This will also help them in actual war to take critical decisions.
➨It can be applied to part of training programs as it makes things memorable and eye catching.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Augmented Reality (AR)

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Augmented Reality (AR):
➨It is expensive to develop the AR technology based projects and to maintain it. Moreover production of AR based devices is costly.
➨Lack of privacy is a concern in AR based applications.
➨In AR, people are missing out on important moments.
➨Low performance level is a concern which needs to be addressed during testing process.
➨It requires basic learning to effectively use AR compliant devices.

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