Advantages of AI drone | disadvantages of AI drone

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of AI (Artificial Intelligence) drone. It mentions AI drone advantages or benefits and AI drone disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence) drone?

• The small aircraft which operates by itself without any human being is known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or drone.
• The drone which houses artificial Intelligence algorithms is known as AI drone. This allows drone to fly itself. It supports number of other features as per mathematical and control theory based algorithms incorported in it.
• It houses wide field cameras, tactical sensors, facial recognition algorithms, localization technologies, shaped explosives etc. The figure-1 depicts basic drone components.

drone components

• It houses VPU (Visual Processing Unit) which is a small silicon device.
• It allows visual and AI (Artificial Intelligence) processing in a very small embedded device.
Refer Drone Sensors➤ and Drone tutorial➤ for more information.

Benefits or advantages of AI drone

Following are the benefits or advantages of AI drone:
➨It houses algorithms for collision avoidance. AI allows drone to fly safely and perform the tasks autonomously.
➨It can recognize the user and location of the people.
➨It is compact in size and less in weight.
➨It allows interaction with your hands and allow it to land on your palm or take off from it and so on.
➨AI drones like normal drones can be use in numerous applications such as agriculture for crop monitoring, forest, scouting etc.
➨It works autonomously in the battle field without the need of human army.
➨It allows to separate out bad guys and good guys based on facial recognition.
➨Its processor reacts 100 times faster compare to human beings.
➨Its stochastic motion is an anti-sniper future.
➨They can penetrate buildings, cars, trains and so on to track people and can not be stopped once launched.
➨Weapons loaded AI drones will shorten the war.
➨It benefits military law enforcement and other government agencies in their mission.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of AI drone

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of AI drone:
➨Weaponized AI drones can cause distruction to great amount autonomously without need of people. Hence it is dangerous if AI technology based devices including drones are put in wrong hands.
➨AI drones can breach security and privacy of the people.
➨Increased costs due to few experienced programmers and high level of complexity in software programming.
➨The use of AI drones and AI robots can lead to severe unemployment.
➨As we have seen with smartphones, AI powered drones can make human beings depend on AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and hence will slowly decrease their mental capabilities.

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