Advantages of 60GHz WiFi | disadvantages of 60GHz WiFi

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of 60GHz WiFi. It mentions 60GHz WiFi advantages or benefits and 60GHz WiFi disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is 60GHz WiFi?

WiFi is widely used for indoor and outdoor wireless internet connectivities for shorter distances. It has become popular due to its use of unlicensed spectrum in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency ranges. Multiple devices are connected with single wifi router in the home and office premises.

IEEE has developed various WLAN standards viz. 802.11a, 11b, 11g, 11n, 11ac, 11ad and 11ax. IEEE 802.11ay defines 60 GHz version of wifi. 60 GHz falls in mmwave (i.e. millimeter wave) band. The 60GHz wifi uses massive MIMO technologies to deliver higher data rates. It offers reliable and secure connection with the use of various encryption algorithms such as WPA2, WPA3 etc.

60GHz RF channels

Qualcomm has recently launched availability of 60GHz wifi chipsets. QCA64x8 series is used for infrastructure and fixed access application. QCA64x1 series is used for mobile access application.

Benefits or advantages of 60GHz WiFi

Following are the benefits or advantages of 60GHz WiFi:
➨It offers speeds (or data rates) in 10 Gbps range. Hence it is used to create multiple backbone network using multiple LOS APs in mesh topology.
➨This 60GHz wifi signal is not affected by light or other networking devices such as mobile phones, tablets etc.
➨60GHz Wifi offers low interference.
➨60GHz WiFi offers bandwidth rich spectrum which is used to provide higher capacity.
➨60GHz wifi offers ultra low latency.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of 60GHz WiFi

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of 60GHz WiFi:
➨This frequency gets attenuated very faster over distance i.e. path loss is higher for higher distance. This is due to its easy absorption in the atmosphere. Hence it is used for short distance communication.
➨It can not penetrate through the walls
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