Advantages of 3D Hologram | disadvantages of 3D Hologram

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of 3D Hologram. It mentions 3D Hologram advantages or benefits and 3D Hologram disadvantages or drawbacks.

• 3D hologram is three dimensional image generated using photographic projection. It is truly 3D and free standing image which does not simulate spatial depth.
• It does not require special glasses to view.
• In other words, it is defined as 3D projection which exists freely in the space. It is holographic recording of light field than image formed by lens.
• It is used to display objects and animated sequences in three dimensions.
• Hologram is physical structure which diffracts light into image and it is easy to make.
• They are made using laser beam which is split into two beams using special lens.

3D Hologram using Smartphone

• The figure depicts creation of 3D hologram using smartphone and prism like structure.
• There are two main types of homograms viz. transmission holograms and reflection holograms.

Benefits or advantages of 3D Hologram

Following are the benefits or advantages of 3D Hologram:
➨It is very cost effective solution to make and to hire.
➨It has higher storage capacity compare to other methods.
➨It delivers enhanced feasibility of objects including depth.
➨They are complex patterns and hence offers security in wide applications as mentioned above.
➨It offers creation of multiple images on single plate including 3D images.
➨Holographic technologies can be easily combined with other technologies.
➨It does not require special glasses to view and can be viewed from any angle.
➨It does not require any projection screen.
➨It is difficult to replicate as it is difficult to alter or transpose.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of 3D Hologram

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of 3D Hologram:
➨It has higher production cost compare to 2D projection.
➨It is not easily seen in the presence of fluorescent lighting.
➨Use of applying the concept of holographic projection in the design of products are costly.
➨It is time consuming to construct images using 3D holograms.
➨Holographic data storage suffers from noise and sensitivity issues. Moreover it has material limitations.

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