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Active RFID vs Passive RFID-difference between Active RFID and Passive RFID

This page compares Active RFID vs Passive RFID and mentions difference between Active RFID and Passive RFID.

Features Active RFID Passive RFID
Power for RFID Tag Power required for Tag is internally available. Power is available for tag via energy transfer from RFID reader using RF waves.
Battery for Tag Available Not Available
Tag power requirement continuously available available in the range of RF field of the RFID reader
required signal strength from reader to tag Low High
coverage range 100 meters or more as no constraint on power 3 meters or less as there is power constraint
capacity for multi-tag operation (without movement) Able to collect data from 1000s of tags using single reader. collection of data from multiple tags is difficult and un-reliable. Good system can collect 100s of tags within 3 meters of coverage using single reader.
capacity for multi-tag operation (with mobility) collects data from 20 tags at moving speed of 100 mph collects data from 20 tags at moving speed of 3 mph or less
sensor monitors and records sensor input continuously read and transfer sensor values only when tag is powered by the reader
Data storage larger capacity for read/write (about 128 KB) smaller capacity for read/write (about 128 bytes)
Application#1 (Area monitoring) possible using active RFID not possible using passive RFID
Application#2 (High speed multi-tag portal) Yes Limited
Application#3 (Electronic Manifest) Yes No
Imapcts in business processes minimal substantial
common frequency of operation 433 MHz (glabally used) 862 MHz to 928 MHz

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