Airport radars for Air traffic control

This page compares ARSR(Air Route Surveillance Radar) vs ASR(Airport Surveillance Radar) and mentions difference between ARSR and ASR radar.These airport radars are used for air traffic control at the airports and during air traffic route.

The Air Traffic Control at the Airports while taking off and landing as well as during the air routes have become challenge due to increase in the air traffic. To provide safety to the air passengers aircraft and ground vehicular traffic at larger airports are monitored by the high resolution radars. ASR radar will take care of air traffic control in and around airport. ARSR radar will take of air traffic control during the air routes. Refer Air traffic Management processes.

ARSR vs ASR radar-Difference between ARSR and ASR radar

Following table mentions difference between Air Traffic Control Radars such as ARSR radar and ASR radar.

ATC Radar specifications ARSR radar ASR radar
Frequency of operation L Band
(1250 to 1350 MHz)
S Band
(2700 to 2900 MHz)
Coverage Range 370 Km 111 Km
Peak Power 5 MWatt 1.4 MWatt
Pulse width 2 1.6
PRF(Pulse Repetition Frequency) 310 to 365 Hz 700 to 1200 Hz, 1040 (Average)
Average power 3.6 KWatt 0.875 KWatt
Noise Figure 4dB 4dB
Antenna Size 12.8 m X 6.9 m 4.9 m X 2.7 m
Horizontal Beamwidth 1.25 Degree 1.35 Degree
Vertical Coverage 40 degree 30 degree
Antenna Gain 34 dB 30 dB
Polarization Horizontal, vertical, circular vertical, Circular
Antenna rotation rate 5 RPM 12.8 RPM
MTI improvement parts 39 dB 34 dB
Blind Speed 1200Knots 800Knots


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