Automatic Call Distributor-ACD

ACD referred as Automatic Call Distributor has been introduced to avoid use of in person calls and phone calls with automatic systems taking care of these requirements. Automatic Call distributors consists of both hardware and software to manage incoming as well as outgoing communications with the agents when calls are more than human operators to respond.

ACDs help customer service agents the capability to respond for various other services than answering telephone calls. The services include email, facsimile, online chat and other internet based queries.


Automatic Call Distributor

Figure depicts the typical Automatic Call Distributor system block diagram. As shown user telephones with IP capabilities are connected with PBX and ethernet switches. Routers are provided to connect with internet backbone. There are telephones without IP feature also interfaced with the system. Following are the functions of the ACD.

•  Routes incoming calls to the agent sitting idle since long time.
•  Routes incoming calls to specific agent group based on dialed number.
•  If all the agents are busy hold the call and put it in the queue using queue management software. It also responds to the caller with the message that "all our agents are busy, please wait for sometime."
•  Routes email, fax and chat requests.
•  Dial outbound calls to the agents not having incoming calls to answer.
•  Transfer calls to appropriate call centers based on labour cost, availability and more.

Typical specifications

Following are typical specifications one can look for in the Automatic Call Distributor system:
•  Queue management software with various features such as unlimited call queues, in queue call routing, queue caller timeout, estimated hold time, real time queue status, acknowledge the call, queue specific music and more.
•  Facility for agent to log in and log off and also auto log off.
•  Web based administration functionalities such as remote programming of phone calls, call center management and operator call control.
•  call recording and call monitoring
•  logging of calls and reporting
•  voice prompts in multiple languages.

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