5G Throughput | 5G Downlink Throughput,5G Uplink Throughput

This page describes 5G Throughput Test case, Test procedure and minimum conformance requirements. It covers the same for 5G downlink throughput and 5G uplink throughput.The 5G throughput in the downlink refers to 5G-NB to UE data rate while in the uplink it refers to UE to 5G-NB data rate.

What is Throughput?

• The term throughput refers to ratio of data transmitted in unit of time.
• The unit of throughput is bits per second or bps.
• Maximum Throughput is the maximum rate at which data can be transmitted through the network connection at given layer of OSI stack.
• Data rates of up to 20Gbps in the downlink and 10Gbps in uplink are benchmarking by network operators in next few years during initial rollouts. Ericsson has recently demonstrated throughput of 5.7 Gbps in INDIA in the month of Nov. 2017.

5G downlink throughput

• This test case is used to verify DL Physical Layer's capability to process xPDSCH in sustainable manner.
• The test verifies max. number of DL-SCH transport block bits are decoded correctly and delivered to upper layers.
Following table mentions 5G downlink throughput test case overview.

5G Downlink Throughput

Following is the minimum conformance requirements in downlink throughput test case.
➨Both UE and 5G-NB completes RRC setup via system access procedures successfully.
➨5G-NB shall transmit xPDCCH to schedule xPDSCH to specific UE with beams acquired during initial access procedure.
➨UE searches and decodes relevant DCI in xPDCCH. It receives/decodes corresponding xPDSCH after completing synchronization (time/frequency/power) with the help of PSS/SSS/ESS and obtaining system information from xPBCH.
➨UE provide feedback information (ACK/NACK) to 5G-NB for received transport blocks.
➨The 5G-NB should retransmit erroneous transport blocks as per feedback obtained from UE.

xPDSCH Test Parameters

5G uplink throughput

Following table mentions 5G uplink throughput test case overview.

5G Uplink Throughput

Following are the xPUSCH test parameters used in the test case.

xPUSCH Test Parameters

For more information on complete 5G throughput test procedure refer 5GTF Test Plan for Air Interface pdf document.

5G NR Throughput calculator

5G NR throughput formula

Refer 5G NR Throughput calculator >>
which mentions example of how to enter various input parameters and calculate 5G NR throughput as defined in 3GPP 38 series of documents (3GPP TS 38.306, 38.101-1, 38.101-2, 38.211).

5G NR Calculators

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