5G ARFCN vs 5G Frequency, 5GARFCN Frequency, 5G TF Frequency

This page describes 5G ARFCN vs 5G Frequency. It mentions integer used to hold 5GARFCN and its value for 5G TF Frequency. It mentions link to 5G frequency bands used in India, USA, Europe, CHINA, JAPAN, Korea etc.

The IE (Information Element) ARFCN-Value5GRA is used to indicate the ARFCN applicable for bi-directional (TDD) 5G-RAN carrier frequency. In dedicated signaling, 5G-RAN only provides an ARFCN corresponding to 5G-RA band supported by UE.

ARFCN-Value5GRA information element
max5GARFCN INTEGER ::= 262143 -- Maximum value of 5GRA carrier frequency

5G xARFCN and Frequency

5G TF Band Frequency Bandwidth DL/UL (MHz) Downlink Frequency xARFCN
1 (TDD topology) 28 GHz 850 MHz 27500.5 MHz (Low)
27925 MHz (Middle)
28349.5 MHz (High)
0 (Low)
283 (Middle)
566 (High)

Reference: V5G.331, Radio Resource Control (RRC); Protocol specification (Release 1)

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