What is 4G?

4G stands for 4th generation. It is basically a set of standards for high speed data connection or internet connection. 4G provides about 100Mbps connection for high mobility devices and about 1Gbit/s for low mobility devices. This is because for low mobility channel models are less varying in time and for high mobility it is fast varying in time. channel model is the medium between the transmitter and receiver.

4G As mentioned in the figure 4G covers Mobile Wimax,LTE and LTE advanced technologies.

4G support applications which require high data rate such as video conferencing,mobile TV,games,multimedia and more. Technologies which support are wimax-16e,16m,LTE, LTE advanced, 802.11n,802.11ac,802.11ad etc. They are able to support such high data rate due to MIMO concept, where data are simultaneously transmitted over multiple antennas.To know more on what 4G technologies are one has to understand in depth all the above individual technologies.

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